Rembrant was born in Leiden in Protestant Holland. He quickly became a
successful painter and moved to Amsterdam. Rembrant was from the Baroque period.
But his individuality within that period has placed him among the giants of
western art. His paintings included many religious subjects. He conveyed
character and drama through his use of light and dark. He was interested in the
subject of blindness, which to him is the most violent expression.

One of Rembrant’s famous work is his “BLINDING OF SAMSON” which shows
the most dramatic moment of the story told in the Old Testament Book of Judges.
The story is that the Philistines have PINNED DOWN Samson and are chaining his
hand as he struggles fiercely. Rembrant focuses his attention at the men in red
aiming his lance at Samson. Leaning over Samson is an armored soldier plunging a
dagger into his eyes. Delilah runs away carrying the hair that was cut off
Samsom. In the upper right is a figure with a raised sword, which the man
holding the sword is blind.

Another famous work of Rembrant his “SELF-PORTRAIT AS ST.PAUL”, which he
did at the age of 34 which he shows self-confident. He is dressed in velvet and
fur, he rests his arm on a windowsill and look out on the world. The raised
eyebrows create a pattern of wrinkles on his forehead and his hair turned all
gray. In this painting he illustrate his use of black and white or pure dark and
pur light to convey character.

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