Never Cry Wolf

In this essay I will cover main differences between the book and the movie
giving my opinion of why these changes were necessary in the making of this
film. I will discuss the purpose of Mowat writing this book and explain how the
movie gets the point across.

Mowatís feelings and my own on the movie verses the book will be shared at
the end of the document.

In the beginning of the movie we donít know where Tyler is coming from, who
he is, and why he is going to this place. The film doesnít get as specific
with the studies that he did. The radio that Mowat is given reaches a music
station not a Spanish man in Peru. Also, he doesnít do as much with his
studies; he takes pictures of plants with a camera instead of using the
Raunkiaers Circle. This is because if the movie got to into great detail the
viewers would lose interest; other changes were made to make the story more
interesting and eventful.

In the film Tyler falls into the an Arctic lake not knowing that it wasnít
completely frozen solid. Afterwards he warms himself and dries his clothes by
the fire. This accident shows how he went into this barren place with
unawareness of what he was getting into. It also adds action and adventure to
the film.

In the movie Mike tells Mowat how he kills the wolves for money. In the book
the Inuits respect and admire the wolves they even share the main food source
and listen to the wolves for the location of the caribou. I think that this is
because the movie is sending a different message and this is part of showing how
man doesnít respect and understand the importance of the wolves.

In the end of the movie the parents of Tylerís wolf family, George and
Angeline, are slaughtered by the pilot. Tyler gets furious and shoots at the
airplane after seeing that the tail was hanging from the plane and seeing the
pups alone in the den. After watching the pups for a while the pack came for
them as there are no orphans among the wolves. This was put into the movie to
add a dramatic ending and leaving the viewer to be influenced by the film and
greatly disturbed by this event. As they are disturbed they will remember what
happened and go away with the feeling that man had no place there and should not
kill these animals.

The message Mowat tries to communicate with the reader is that of how man has
stereotyped wolves into this great horrible creature that has no mercy, kills
for the taste of blood, and is taking down the population of the deer. This of
course we know to be untrue because of this book. We find that we the humans
have hunted the caribou to a point of scarcity. By our lack of knowledge we have
taken our few encounters with the wolves and based our whole perception of them
on our few engagements with rabies infected wolves.

I think that the book, Never Cry Wolf, was better than the movie. This is
because the book had more detail and I could use my imagination to create a
mental picture and understanding of what Mowat was trying to communicate to the
reader. Also, I learned more facts about the wolves and their environment. The
book had more character development due to this I was able to enjoy the story
and was interested in what happened to them.

I think that this movie gets the point across fairly well, yet has a
different twist to it focusing more on the ignorance of man and how we just go
killing things we know nothing about due to our selfish desires. In the book
Mowat proves to us that we stereotype wolves into being some horrible creature
and that this in not so. Mowat hear many rumors of how this creature is
monstrous, yet he interacts with them takes time to learn what they are like by
forcing himself to forget what heís heard and see them for what they truly

Mowat was most likely grateful that there was a movie to educate many people
of his observations, yet he my have not liked that there were so many
adaptations made changing the general picture of what happened. The themes were
slightly different, yet I believe that they were both significant.

I feel that the book, Never Cry Wolf, was better than the movie. This is